Vivek Education Society's

Vivek College Road, Goregaon West, Mumbai-104

Affiliated to University of Mumbai, Recognized by U.G.C. under section 12(B) & 2(F) of the U.G.C.Act.

Accredited (3rd Cycle) by NAAC with B++ Grade

+91 83693 56474

Vision & Mission

Our Motto

'Vidya Dhanam Sarva Dhanat Pradhanam'

Amongst all the riches and virtues of life, Education is supreme.

Our Vision

As education is supreme amongst all the riches and virtues of life, it shall be our endeavour to impart quality education and enrich the students making significant contribution to the Nation.

Our Mission

Value based Education to all

Integrity towards Society

Virtuous Life

Endeavour for Excellence

Kindling the spirit of Universal Brotherhood

Our Objectives & Goals

To promote educational and professional achievement through Self Development of the students without any discrimination.

To enable students to be proactive, goal-oriented, optimistic, credible, professionally competent and responsible citizen.

To enable the students to successfully live and work in a culturally diverse global society.

To promote noble thoughts and actions in our students.

Management Profile

Pillars of Our Institution

  • Mr.S.Sriram President
  • Mr.Shashi R. Varma Secretary
  • Mr.K.Ramachandran Jt. Secretary
  • Mr.K.Krishnamoorthy Treasurer
  • Mr.V.Balakrishnan Jt. Treasurer
  • Mr.C.H.Iyer Member
  • Mr.S.Krishnan Member
  • Mr.K.Raghavan Member
  • Mr.K.R.Srinivasan Member
  • Mr.P.Parameshwar Member
  • Mr.G.Subramanian Member
  • Mr.Ravi S.Iyengar Member
  • Mr.Vishwanath C.Iyer Member
  • Mr.Rajesh Radhakrishnan Member
  • Mr.C.S.Ananthan Member
  • Mr.A.V.Ramanujam Member
  • Mr.C.G.Ramakrishnan Member
  • Mr.Ramnath Mahadevan Internal Auditor
  • Mr.G.Kannan Internal Auditor
Mr. S.Sriram
Mr. Shashi R. Varma
Mr. K.Ramachandran
Jt. Secretary
Mr. K.Krishnamoorthy
Mr. V.Balakrishnan
Jt. Treasurer


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Boys Gymkhana

B.Com Lab

M.Sc.I.T Lab


Yoga Centre


College Office

Girls Gymkhana



B.Sc.I.T Lab

Staff Room


Computer Resource Centre

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Recognition & Award

Best Practices

Institutional Distinctiveness

Institutional Social Responsibility

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We look forward to hearing from you and working with you to improve Vivek College of Commerce.